How To Prevent Hacking

Well, it doesn’t matter how many measures you can take from protecting your personal information, the truth is that no computer is truly safe. Any device which connects to the internet is theoretically vulnerable to being hacked and means everything from your bran account to your credit cards to your social media accounts could be compromised if your data is fallen into the wrong hands. Below are the steps in how to prevent hacking.

Download Software From Authorized Websites

if you are planning on downloading a music file, video or utility software then do it from a trusted website. Many websites will offer a free download of certain high-value software, however, those will carry the virus or spyware which can be released by a hacker for obtaining your PC information.

Do Not Click On Random Email Attachments

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Email is one of the biggest tools through which hackers will spread malware. The spyware or virus is hidden in attachments and links by clicking on which the infection begins. So, never click on random attachments if those weren’t from any trusted source.

Scan All Types of Hard Drives before Running

Hard Drives such as pen drives, external hard disk or mobile devices need to be scanned by a USB scanner for removing any kind of malware while plugging into computers or laptops.

Abstain From Keeping Easy Passwords

Try not to keep easy passwords such as your name followed by 1234, your pet name or name and date of birth. This kind of information can be easily fetched from social media sites and do not follow the best password management practices. So, you should keep an alpha-numeric password for your accounts which includes a combination of special characters. This step is a crucial method of how to prevent hacking.

Never Store or Share Your Login Information

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By keeping the user Id, password on your PC increases the risk of becoming a victim of hackers. Always try to memorize your login information and important for abstaining from sharing your password Via email.

The above-mentioned steps are the ideal ways of preventing your information to keep it safe from hackers. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to prevent hacking. Thanks for reading!

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